What is STRW Co

STRW (Surf The Reusable Wave) is more than just straw without an A. At STRW Co. we represent everything reusable, far more than JUST straws. The name was inspired by our constant finding of plastic straws at local beaches, waters, and streets. We found this also to be the easiest way to get our foot in the door on this environmental journey, as for us this was the easiest product to get out there with our financial restrictions, as well as the ease accessibility of plastic straws (making them wildly popular). We knew the last stop for this sort of pollution is our local waters, because we can see the effects first hand. However, from the very beginning we knew we wanted to be much more than that. Hence, Surf The Reusable Wave (STRW) was born, the perfect name to promote our straws but also push for a much bigger environmental impact in the long run. Having been fortunate with success from straws we have now started being able to implement other forms of reusable goods to stop this plastic madness (check out our complete to go bamboo cutlery below).


We as the planet have a long way to go in order to clean up our own mess. The future is looking bright though, and we can see it first hand by the amount of straws we have been able to stop from being used by both ourselves, and all of our wonderful customers. We can't do this without YOU. Our hope is we make the use of plastic a thing of the past! Join the movement today :)