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STRW and What It Means

STRW (Surf The Reusable Wave) is more than just straw without an A. At STRW Co. we represent everything reusable, far more than JUST straws. The name was inspired by our constant finding of plastic straws at local beaches, waters, and streets. We found this also to be the easiest way to get our foot in the door on this environmental journey, as for us this was the easiest product to get out there with our financial restrictions, as well as the ease accessibility of plastic straws (making them wildly popular). We knew the last stop for this sort of pollution is our local waters, because we can see the effects first hand. However, from the very beginning we knew we wanted to...

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Surf The Reusable Wave

Paulo and Etienne started STRW with a mission to find a alternative to single use plastic. We are both local San Diego surfers and hate to see our beaches piled with trash so we are here to be the change we want to see. Plastic is killing our sea life and we do not want to be surfing without fishes in the ocean.  At STRW we have found that building yourself up to not using any plastic at all is the easiest way. Start off buy using a reusable straw and not asking for straw at restaurants, coffee shops, etc. You can start off by using one of ours! Next when you get food to go use a reusable...

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